About Creating a Life You Love


My name is Tamera. I am a 61-year old woman. I have been married to Brian Allred for 37 years. We have six grown children – all girls, and 10 grandchildren. Brian and I live in Vancouver, WA.

I have been licensed mental health counselor in private practice for 12 years. I am also a writer, and speaker. While raising our daughters, I wrote a popular magazine column called On the Home Front, for 10 years, in Portland, OR. After college I worked as a newspaper reporter, gaining some notoriety for covering the famous Gary Gilmore story in Utah. At age 22 I was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for my work on that story.

I love people! I love life! I have been blessed to learn important lessons that have helped me navigate the treacherous terrain of life. These have come from experience, study, spiritual teachers, and the school of adversity.

I spent several years of writing my book:

Creating a Life You Love

A Woman’s Guide to Peace, Joy, Empowerment, and Love in Every Day

It is posted for free on this site starting with 12/21/12. Once the book was posted in weekly installments I have continued to write weekly articles. In 2013, I posted another book that I wrote in weekly installments:

Sorting the Pieces of Your Life

A Woman’s Guide to Simplicity, Order, Renewal, and Trust (SORT)

This site offers a new perspective of conscious creation of our lives. It lays out the welcome mat for our true creative nature. It is filled with true stories from my life and other women’s lives. Rather than 963875_496445637089150_457157554_opublishing my books, I have decided to give them away for free. (Hard-bound and e-book copies of both are coming in the future for purchase).

This site is my gift to you. It comes from my heart and six decades of experience. I have written it woman-to-woman, friend-to-friend, sister-to-sister.

A weekly article is posted every Monday to launch your week with encouragement, insight, inspiration, and some laughter. I know from experience that our lives as women are challenging. We are given myriad messages from the media that we are not enough – that we need to be thinner, prettier, younger, have a perfectly kept house and superstar kids. We are incredibly busy as women, often juggling multiple roles with numerous tasks. Rarely are we truly seen in all our wonder, just as we are.

This is a place where you can learn how to:

  • Compassionately connect to yourself
  • Live from a place of creation versus reaction
  • Have more peace, joy, empowerment, and love in your life

You can learn more about me by clicking on About Tamera.

I look forward to meeting you here each week and would love to hear from you.