The Divine Daily Disciplines of Self-Care are a pathway home to our true selves. They help us hear our inner voice and the voice of the Divine. They ground us in our authenticity; protect us from cultural chatter that tells us we are not enough; and they nurture aliveness spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. I chose this painting, Cherubim and a Flaming Sword, by J.Kirk Richards, as the illustration because of its powerful imagery of women as protectors. In sacred word, it is said that Cherubim, with their flaming sword, watched over the tree of life. The Disciplines do not have to be practiced perfectly to empower us.  A small effort carried out consistently can have a positive affect on every area of our lives.


Cherubim & A Flaming Sword” by J. Kirk Richards, used with permission


Prayer is not about Christmas list of requests, but of creating relationship with our creator. This doorway to the Divine offers inspiration, comfort, and wisdom.


As we become still, we come home to ourselves. Silent pausing helps us hear our true voice.

Sacred Reading

Reading from a sacred text which speaks to our inner divinity
provides spiritual sustenance as we sup at the table of the Divine.


The quest of the life-long learner offers growth, expansion, and a continual sense of aliveness as we read a page or two a day from a book on any topic that inspires us or perks our curiosity.


A few moments with pen to paper, keeps us connected to our experience of life,
helps us sort out feelings, and clears our mind.


A brisk walk, run, bike ride, or swim in nature floods our body with life giving oxygen, rejuvenates every life-sustaining system in our body, and releases our brain’s chemical mood enhancers.

Wisdom Eating

We offer our wondrous bodies true nourishment when we partake of real, natural good – fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, and range-fed poultry. Our health flourishes, and energy increases.


The concept of adornment moves us away from the dictates of fashion to a personal affirmation and celebration of our bodies. A simple ritual of cleansing, grooming, and adorning honors ourselves as a precious and beautiful creation.